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Parent Information 4-1-20



The faculty is getting closer to rolling out our continuous education plan and getting things moving. 


On Friday, April 3rd, we will have your child's belongings available for pick up. School employees will deliver everything to your vehicle. We will do last names A thru J from 10 am - noon and K thru Z from 1 pm - 3 pm.  At the grade school, K-3 belongings may be picked up at the south front door and 4-6 belongings, including band instruments, at the main school door.  At the high school, 9-12 belongings may be picked up at the main entrance, 7- 8 belongings at the jr. high commons door around back and any band instruments may be picked up at the South door of the band room.


The grade school teachers will use a combination of packets and technology to deliver instruction and information to their students. Parents please take time to go through your child's packet that will be included with their belongings. Information for your child and how to make contact with their teacher is included in the packets.


The jr high /high school will be doing most communication between student and teacher. This does not mean teachers will not communicate with parents, but check with your students first about any questions you may have and remind them to keep checking their school email.  Teachers will send out their first "class" contacts this week and classes will start on Monday, April 6th, following this schedule:

Mondays: 7-12 Math and Business/Computers

Tuesdays: 7-12 English and Spanish

Wednesdays: 7-12 Science classes, Ag Science,Plant Science, Ag Business

Thursdays: 7-12 Social Studies, Health and 9-12 FACS

Fridays: Seminar, 9-12 Art, Yearbook, Ind. Arts, Band and Choir.


Reminder that virtual courses and college courses will continue by the college or virtual school schedule and their instructors will be in contact with them.


As we begin providing instruction for the remainder of the year, we ask that you remain patient. This is also a learning curve for the faculty in using new ways to provide instruction to your child. If you find that something is not working, please contact your child's teacher so we may remedy any problems.


Breakfast & Lunch - please contact Christina each week by Friday (text to 620-878-3444 or email cohoon90@gmail.com) if you would like meals for your 1-18 year old children for the following week.  Meals are provided free of charge regardless of income status or residency status. Please provide your name and the location you will be picking up.  Locations are Hodgeman County Elementary, Elk Plaza, D Rd, V Rd, and Ron Wilson's.  Pick up times are from 10 - 11 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students do not have to be accompanied by an adult.  Adults picking up meals must have all children present to receive meals.  If you have any questions about meals please text or email Christina.


Remember to take a deep breath and relax! Even though this task seems overwhelming, IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE WILL ADAPT AND PERSEVERE.


Thank you, 

Doug Chaney & Ron Shelton