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September 18, 2019


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Class Rules & Syllabus


All classes/students have Google accounts that allows them access to classroom work, instructions, notes, and/or examples of classroom work.



Course Descriptions

  1. Computer Applications 1: Students will become proficient with the Microsoft Office 2013 software.
  2. Computer Applications 2: Students will become proficient with the Adobe software. They will create posters, animations, and videos in class.
  3. JH Computes: Students will start learning the basic functions of computers and Microsoft Office software.
  4. Accounting: Students will understand basic accounting terminology. They will be able to perform accounting practices related to the business systems for a sole-proprietorship, partnership and corporations.  This will consist of journalizing, posting, creating financial statements, and other forms and documents related to the above mentioned businesses. Some computer skill will be helpful.


Classroom Rules:


Respect.  Give it and Earn it!


Do not touch other student’s computers or personal belongings without permission. This includes the teacher’s property.


Once you are in your assigned seat, you are not to get out of it. You may only get out of your chair to hand in work, get a print out from the printer, to help a fellow student, to use a hall pass, or unless asked by the teacher.


Technology is a luxury.  Do not abuse it. No pop or food around the computers.  You may only use the internet for school work. No email, chat rooms, downloading, or games allowed.


Only I dismiss you, not the bell.


Discipline Levels

  1. Warning
  2. Detention
  3. Detention doubles and a phone call or meeting with parents
  4. Office referral

Grading Scale

A         100-90%

B         89-80%

C         79-70%

D         69-60%

F          59-0%

All Class Info

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