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Classroom Procedures & Guidelines

Mrs. Schaffer's English Syllabus

August 15, 2018


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Parents, guardians, and students -- please thoroughly review the syllabus below. I've linked one for each grade level--they're virtually the same, with the exception of information on how to sign up for text reminders. 

Please take special note of the following policies:

  • It is the student's responsibility to ask the teacher for make-up work--either BEFORE a school activity, or AFTER an illness/emergency. Students will have the total number of days absent + 1 day to make up missing work. (For example, if Bob is gone 3 days, he'll have 4 days total to make up missing work.)
  • Missing work becomes a 0 after a week. I don't create "extra" assignments to "boost" grades--do the work the first time and you'll save yourself a great deal of frustration.

7th Syllabus.pdf

8th syllabus.pdf

9th Syllabus.pdf