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Pat Wiedeman

Class Schedule:

1st Hour (8:00-8:54): Geometry
2nd Hour (8:57-9:51): Algebra 3/Int. Alg.
3rd Hour (9:54-10:48): 7th Grade Math
4th Hour (10:51-11:45): Planning
5th Hour (11:48-12:42): Algebra 1
6th Hour (1:11-2:04): Lifetime Math
7th Hour (2:07-3:00): Algebra 2
8th Hour (3:03-3:45): Seminar


Every student receives a syllabus which contains expectations, rules, grading scale, etc. Each student is to give the syllabus to his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) to read and sign. The signed portion is to be returned to me for points as this is their first assignment. Their is also a section on Extra Help and when I am available. Don't forget to track your student's progress on Parents-On-Line. Google Classroom is also available. You can reach me on my cell phone at 785-743-8183.


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Phone: 620-357-8376 Email: Pat Wiedeman Hodgeman County MS/HS, USD 227